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Dr. Mandip shah is Best . As I had tumor in my right leg before 2 years and now I'm alright because of him. I want to thank him with all love. He is best orthopedic surgeon in ahembdabad. I thank him from bottom of my heart. Thank you sir for all love and support

- Akhil Sharma

Two years back I was diagnosed with sarcoma during the time I was suffering from jaundice. It was Dr.Mandip shah who suggested proper procedure and treatment for both the disease. Now am all good thanks to him and his team. Whole heartedly, thank you 😊. Hope you spread smile as you are doing it now.

- Hima Katbamna

Mandip Sir, you are the most knowledgable and skilled Orthopedic Oncologist Surgeon I have ever met. One of my very close relative was treated at your hospital with the most complex decease. I must admit that consulting you, was the best step we ever took for this treatment. You took care of everything in every possible way. Your staff is very much capable of taking care of patients with very polite way. We stayed there for 10 days and not a single complain from our end in terms of anything. The best part is you are very straight forward and never give any false hope. Thank you for all the efforts you put and the best result you produced. Patient is very happy and healthy now. It would have never been possible without you. Thanking you hundreds and thousands of time would not be enough to express our gratefulness towards you. You are Gem of a doctor and a person. Thank you !!!

- Ankit Raval

Dr. Mandip Shah is one of the best doctors that I have come across. I came to know him when my mom was diagnosed with sarcoma. While almost all doctors that we had consulted had recommended chemo, Dr Shah recommended amputation. This may have been the tougher option but it was the right guidance. In inquiring further about Dr Shah, I learned that he had trained at Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital in New York, which is probably the best cancer hospital in the US. That definitely put my mind to ease. Cancer is a terrible disease and when fighting it you need someone who is knowledgeable in the type of cancer that a person has. Please don’t go to someone who treats all kinds of cancers - go to the specialist that is treating the type of cancer that the patient is suffering from. So, if you or your loved one has a soft tissue or orthopedic cancer, Dr Shah is definitely the right person.

- Rishit Patel

Dr. Mandip shah very good and too much intelligent doctor. Good decision making power and excellent confidence in their special subject for tumor treatment. Hospital staff also good supportive, very heartily taking care and very sincerely handling to patients. On timely excellent support we got from doctor and Thier staff. I hope doctor mandip will establish new big sparsh hospital with huge staff and doctors. My blessings to doctor and their staff will achieve more sucess and win challenges for very bright future.

- Malay Trivedi

Dr. Mandip Shah is intellectual, knowledgeable, kind nature doctor, due to his right & skill full treatment my sister was cured from synovial sarcoma, he understand the problem thoroughly, explain solution in detail & give his best solution. Hospital staff is polite & very cooperative. Thank you so much Dr. Mandip Sir. Wishing you all the best sir.!!

- Parmar Devendra

My name is Shlok Patel. It was an amazing experience coming to India all the way from Kenya. Dr. Mandip Shah is One of the best doctor for Orthopaedics. He is one of the best orthopaedics oncologist in world.

- Ashwin Patel

I am G. Kumar. I had a very good experience with Dr. Mandip Shah during my treatment in 2013 and further follow ups till today. He is a great doctor in all respects that is what i felt durinh these years.

- Girijakumar Menon

I am G. Kumar. I had a very good experience with Dr. Mandip Shah during my treatment in 2013 and further follow ups till today. He is a great doctor in all respects that is what i felt durinh these years.

- Girijakumar Menon

2017 I got treatment from Dr. Mandeep. I thank God for putting me in his hands as he was very good at his work, very professional ND explains everything to details.. Thanks doc

- Warda Moncherry

Dr. Mandip Shah, A meticulous and scholarly professional in Orthopedic Oncology, who cures the disease of the patient, who lost the HOPE before consulting him. He first creates HOPE in the human being to fight against the diseases and then cures the patient with the advanced usage of the medical science. He ensures that patient get ready to live in this beautiful world without the disease for which he has been consulted. Best wishes and continue spreading more smiles for the patient and family of the patients.

- Vaishal Shah

My name is Beatrice from Kenya. For the last six years i almost lost hope in this world thinking and wondering how special my Giant Cell Tumour case was ,that no doctor was able to treat, even after going through two major surgeries. This is until i met Dr Mandip on Nov 2017 ,did my surgery and results are amazing and excellent. Believe me people, in less than 15 days am on my feet again. What else can i say, thank you for delivering this with a great passion .Live long Dr Mandip.

- Beatrice Njogu

Excellent and with great knowledge doctor with friendly approach by doctor and all staff.thanks for everything that you and your team has done for me......Pulin shah Ahmedabad

- Pulin Shah

Dr Mandip Shah is a very knowledgeable person and treats & explains his patients in a humble way. His guidance and experience helped us to come out of the sacorma in thigh portion. We would definitely recommend him for issues related to orthopedic problems.

- Mehul Shah

Awesome experience with Dr Mandip Shah. I was very pleased with Dr Mandip taking the time to explain my father's diagnosis and prognosis but also breaking down on level that was easy to understand. Very knowledgeable in explaining and treating soft tissue tumor. Before consulting Dr Mandip, my dad had unsuccessful surgeries in Vapi with tumor growing back due to incorrect diagnosis. Dr Mandip took his time going through previous reports, diagnostic imaging and planning surgery along with his colleague plastic surgeon. Surgery was done next day and it was very successful. My Dad is healing well with no complication. Plastic surgeon did wonderful job with skin graft.
Dr Shah follows all protocol with sterilization and infection control. He also provided with all surgery notes for future references and follow-up protocols. I would highly recommend Dr Mandip Shah. Thank you again.

- Amrish Patel

I was diagnosed with a high-grade metastatic osteogenic sarcoma in my left arm. This was after a long 6yrs of mis-diagnosis of my case as benign. At that point I was sure; amputation was very necessary and even then chances of recovery were too few. However, I had the chance to meet Doctor Mandip Shah who miraculously saved my hand through a limb salvaging surgery, he as well prescribed a superior MAP chemotherapy protocol that has cleared the cancer to untraceable levels. Thank you so much Dr Mandip, you restored my Hope!

- Harry Gitau

Dr. Mandip Shah - Great Human with Great Knowledge. Accurate Diagnosis with Equally Accurate Treatment.....

- Manoj Panchal

It is good hospital facility andas well as treatment for borne disease patient.

- Jignesh Prajapati

My name is Shlok Patel. I am from Kenya. No, conveying 'just thanks' would be very much ungrateful of me, as you have given me a completely new life.

- Shlok Patel

If you are looking for a talented and intelligent doctor, who could identify what exact problem you actually have, then u should consult Dr. Mandip Shah without wasting time.

- Deepti Paliwal

It was an amazing experience coming to India all the way from Pakistan. I remember I was on a wheelchair for four months and I was superscared whether I 'd be able to walk again. But thanks to Dr.Mandeep and by the grace of God Almighty, I am walking on both legs :)

- Raja Devinder

Dr. Mandip Shah is one of the best individual not only professionally but in person also. I had consulted for my father for tissue Sarcoma when we were hazy that what's gonna happen next.
Thanks would be mere to describe what Dr. Shah did for my father but still sir we'll be very thankful to you for the lifetime.

- Moiz Kasiri

I might be one of your patients whom you treat regularly,but for me you are the one who had done an incredible job. It could not have been possible without you. I really appreciate your work and the care you show for your patients.I find myself speechless to give you a bundle of wishes for your great future in serving people for life and serving the society as well.Having no rights to say though i would be greatful if i might come at small help to you.

- Parth Patel

Am from kenya ,and i brought my wife who had been diagnosed with giant cell tumor GCT of the bone , that had made her unable to walk for 6yrs ,l must say my experience with Dr Mandip was very excellent. His explanation in details of the surgery ,was easy to understand ,finally operation was successfully done, and my wife is able to walk again after so many yrs .Dr Mandip is one of the best oncology specialist if not the best of them all.
I pray to God ,to continue blessing the work he does with a passion

- Macdonald Ambani

Relationship between a doctor and a patient is of TRUST and this is so true but I am sorry to say that not ALL doctors live by their words while, Dr. Mandip Shah sir did live by his words and maintained our trust. I sincerely appreciate his transparency and honesty. My father, Mr. Praful Sheth, 70 year old male from Rajkot was operated by Dr. Shah nearly a month ago and by Grace of God and dedication of Dr. Mandip Shah he is safe and healthy after a supra major surgery. He gathered a wonderful team to deal with the nitti gritties of the surgery and we are thankful to Almighty to guide us to Dr. Mandip Shah.
We wish him many success so that other patients and their relatives too can feel blessed by going to right doctor. I am sure Almighty will bless him and his family with happy and healthy life.

- Vaishalee Mavani

Dr.Mandip sir, Words are not enough to describe what he is.. "He is the savier" or i can say he is second God for me. He save my life. Because of him today i am standing on my both legs. He treat his patient like family.Always a cheerful doctor , who answers all the question very patiently , he clears all the doubts of his patients and give positive energy to patients and their family.
Eleven years back i mean in 2006 i was diagonsed of ewing sarcoma ( in left femur) at that time me and my family was in shock ans were broken inside, But mandip sir gave me assurance that i"ll be ok and i "ll be able to walk on myself. Thank you sir for always being there for your patients.. "Every doctor needs to be like You.."

- Stuti Brahmbhatt

Doctor is a person who can be considered as mordern god. The one who helps people live a normal life. Ny experience with Dr. Mandip Shah was great. He seems to have deep knowledge on his subject and was very confident about the diagnose. The way he explained the ailment and treatment was very relieving for me as a patient. The operation was succesful and well performed with best methods suitable for long term relief. I am very grateful tot he doctor for carrying out this operation so i can run on my own legs once again.

- Kathan Sonar

In 2011, I travelled to an unknown City of Ahmedabad with my Aunt (more than a mother) who was in her final stage of Metastasis (Leg). After visiting Rajkot’s and Ahmedabad’s well renowned Hospitals, where we were asked for our account balances before knowing patient’s vitals. And the doctors in Bahrain were adamant to go ahead with the amputation. And that’s not even the last thing anyone would wish for. With all the anxiousness, stress and pressure .. I was fortunate to have found heaven sent Dr. Mandip who firstly calmed the tension around and cleared the air, so we could breath openly. One step at a time he guided us through over a month long journey just like a family member. Checked upon my Aunts physical condition as well as her mental well being. After 4 months of continuous unbearable pain and agony, nights where she use to stuff a pillow into her mouth so no one could here her cry and suffering ended and saw her smile after months. My aunt didn’t survive, but losing a limb while alive is worse than death. I had stayed along with her at the hospital back in Bahrain and use to hate it. But at the Sparsh Hospital,staff was more like a family who gave us continuous comfort and consoling. My Aunt was blessed to find an angel and we as a family are forever indebted to Dr. Mandip Shah for selflessly guiding us through the hard times.
My second experience with Dr. Mandip was in 2015, when I got my mother who was bedridden for over 2years with multiple complication of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension, lowest HB level and undetected pneumonia to Sparsh Hospital. My mom was given the same care and comfort while doctor behind closed doors discussed the seriousness and probability of my mother walking again. Dr.Mandip makes miracles happen. My mother is back on her feet, happy as ever and yet again indebted for life. Not only that, With just a casual meet and one look at my father he asked me to get his complete check done and it turned out that my father needed a bypass ASAP, which was done in Bahrain later that month. But Dr. Mandip has truly been god sent to us.

- Heena Sagar

It was very well said that miracles happens every day and when it comes to Sparsh hospital, it’s a place of numerous miracles which are being carried out by its team members. The first whole hearted thanks go to none other than MSD. In cricket fraternity, we have Mahendra Singh Dhoni where as doctor profession is duly blessed with Mandip Shah Doctor (MSD). The master man pursues all qualities of Indian captain & perhaps more too. Mandip sir is a captain with sparkling delightful eyes & spectacular smile who can motivate any patient for its best. Precisely, a perfectionist, inspirational and optimistic person to meet with. He is captain cool who very well knows how to take fear out from patients. Then comes Mr. Suraj, Mr. Manish & Mr. Vinod with whom I could interact personally. They are most impressive, astounding, enthusiastic and dedicated associates who never left chance to build confidence of patients with utmost due care. Mrs. Kavita was the sister who looked very well after me. She actually deserves a title of madam. Her constant supervision and care with a smile including her jolly & humorous nature were some of the key elements every patient would wish for. It’s truly said that a smiling face reduces quantum of pain which was well evidenced by each and every member of Sparsh team. Jankhana mam, Shivani mam, Komal mam, Masi & kishorbhai carried out their responsibilities to the best of my satisfaction. I would ask for apologies if I forgot any name. Finally, I would really like to appreciate everyone from the bottom of my heart with the expectations that no matter how massive the sufferings would be, Sparsh family would always stand up to help everyone with their care and support.

- Hardik Vora

I had been facing this problem over 1 & half year,had been through extreme pain all day & night,consulted 8-10 doctors on which some of them said it’s stress fracture,some said it’s a neurological pain,whereas some said it’s due to deficiency of calcium & vitamin D,some of them didn’t get the proper diagnosis,and so I suffered through pain day & night for 1 & half year during which I already consumed 947 sache of painkillers,one of the doctor also said that it’s a mental problem coz he wasn’t able to come upto exact diagnosis and so I also consulted psychiatrist and I was tired and lost all the hope in the end..than I came across a doctor and he had my bone scan done and in the reports it came osteoid osteoma which was final diagnosis,so as a t/t of choice I undergone a opereation to that doctor which wasn’t successful and so I lost all the hope now since my pain was as it is due to which I consulted that doctor again and then he said that now its all fine and it’s just mentally due to such a long history,than finally I got to know about Dr.Mandip shah and consulted him,at my first visit he calmly heard my history for 30-35 mins saw all my reports and he directly & quickly gave diagnosis of recurrent osteoid osteoma and so again I undergone operation to Dr.Mandip and this time it was 110% successful and after which I could sleep peacefully at night and got relief from my pain,he gave me a new pain free & healthy life and due to which I’m heartly thankful to Dr.Mandip..thank you sir😊😊

- Dhaval Chaudhary

Hello guys, i am krinjal shah, basically from umreth nearer to dakor, now a story begins,
Once upon a time I met with an little accident like fall while walking, and at that time I have taken my right hand as base and it was broken due to my all weight on a hand, and that day was a day before diwali,
At night I have done some pata -pindi , and on another day, diwali day I met with dr. Niraj shah, smith hospital anand. He has taken a x ray and said me it is more than normal, you should have to take biopsy for that. And it's a tumour, see the tragedy,
My accident date is 11-11-2015 and my own marriage's date is 21st dec,
I met with a doctor at a'bad , they have taken the division that operation is must, and you can even lost your hand movement also,
Oh man, after that all family members are in tension, but I have faith on my god, and that doctor at ahmedabad have suggested ours to meet the great Dr. MANDIP SHAH, for my case.
And my god has given me, the help by the great Dr. Mandip shah, and he has done my operation successfully even not loosing my movement of wrist.
I thank GOD and Dr.Mandip Shah. Thank you again. And it has been two years , I am feeling better...

- Krinjal Shah


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