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About Sparsh Hospital

“Sparsh clinic” was established in 2010 with a vision of providing best, most scientific, evidence based and advance quality of care to the patients who are suffering from bone and soft tissue tumors. Dr Mandip Shah, Orthopedic Oncologist is the founder and Director of Sparsh Orthopedic Oncology Clinic Ahmedabad – India.

In simple terms, “Sparsh” is dedicated to treat those individuals who are suffering from bone cancers, benign (non – cancerous) bone tumors, sarcomas, bone metastasis etc. We are experts in treating any tumor of upper or lower limbs, spine and pelvis…… whether inside or outside the bone!

So far “Sparsh” team has successfully treated more than 4000 major surgery and 5000 diagnostic procedure of bone and soft tissue tumors and we are proud to quote that our results are matching with international data!

“Sparsh” team consists of highly skilled doctors who have huge experience in treating these relatively rare diseases. All the doctors are trained at centers of excellence in orthopedic oncology across the globe. They have now collective experience of treating more than 10000 patients. The team is lead by 2 orthopedic oncologists….both with almost 15 years of experience in the field, onco-anesthetist, Surgical oncologist expert in pelvic surgeries, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, vascular surgeon, medical – radiation oncologists and intensive care specialist! The support staff too has been outstanding.

“Sparsh” doctors are experts in a specialized surgery known as limb salvage surgery….. It’s a highly complex surgery wherein, the cancerous part of the limb is removed but the extremity is saved and also kept functional…. “Sparsh” has got fascinating results of these surgeries with thousands of happy patients who have so far benefitted from it.

“Sparsh clinic” has got a very friendly and homely infrastructure. It is designed to give best standard of care to the patient but still in an extremely cost effective way. It has got a state of art operating room equipped with latest gadgets for surgery and anesthesia.


Doctors at “Sparsh” believe in the ideology of a well informed patient! It is the fundamental right of patient to know each and every aspect of the disease and treatment part and as doctors, its our duty to do so. As a rule, each patient and whole family undergoes extensive video and animation assisted counseling before the start of the treatment.

Getting best possible treatment for a disease is every patient’s right. “Sparsh” family believes in treating the patients like their family members. Here patients are treated with knowledge, experience, passion, humanity and utmost feelings! As we strongly believe that if someone, who is unrelated to us put his or her life in our hands, our responsibility towards his well being increases manifolds…

Thank you and God bless!


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